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5 Steps to Writing a Media Pitch That Reporters Will Read

Based on research findings, reporters can only open 3% of the media pitches they receive within their email inboxes. It implies that 97% of pitches for media delivered to reporters go to the spam folder or risk being lost in an email inbox filled with too many pitches. Public relations has numerous benefits, and creating compelling pitches is one of the benefits.

The process of writing a pitch for media can seem like a daunting task due to the many tasks to be completed. It is essential to ensure you’ve researched the journalist’s work, what kind of stories they will write and who’s taking them in before you send your pitch out to the world.

Below are the five essential steps to create a media pitch that journalists will read and react to.

1. Keep It Short, Succinct, and Relevant

Your pitch for media must be concise, short, and relevant to the publication you’re pitching to. Don’t waffle! Reporters don’t have time to spend with pitches that are either too long or don’t instantly connect to their subject matter.

Your pitch should be pertinent since journalists don’t cover subjects that aren’t in their area of competence. If you’re unsure about this, search for examples of media pitches on the internet to get a sense of what engaging pitches should appear like.

2. Use the Inverted Pyramid Style of Writing

The style of writing that is inverted starts with short summaries and finishes with details about the background. Start your media pitch by introducing the word “lead,” and that’s the thing that attracts journalists the most.

It’s a one-sentence overview that explains the importance of this story. They’ll want to learn more about your story if they’re interested. If they don’t, your idea is dead on the water. The person writing the PR for small companies should know the writing style to succeed.

3. Make Your Pitch Specific, Interesting, and Newsworthy – All At Once!

Instead of merely declaring “my company is great,” create a concise but compelling story about why this story is essential to readers. That is, provide reporters with a compelling reason to tell this article.

For instance, if you have recently been awarded a significant honor and want to mention it, do so. If your CEO has announced a new product launch, say that. Check out suggestions for media pitches on the internet to ensure you hit the nail on the head.

4. Don’t Get Bogged Down in the Details.

Do not get overwhelmed by the details, yet be specific enough to present your point. There are numerous public relations advantages, and this is how they can help your business.

A great pitch is similar to a good press release. It is comprised of only the most pertinent information, only the most crucial information. That means they must eliminate all unnecessary information and be able to make their point.

5. Close by Asking for a Response

Journalists get a lot of pitches each day, which is why it’s not easy to make yourself stand out. Make sure you know what you’re looking for, whether asking for feedback, interviewing an individual, or notifying the reporter of when you’ll follow up with an email.

How to Write a Compelling Media Pitch: A Guide

As a professional in public relations, you’re responsible for communicating messages that are engaging and inform your media contacts. The art of crafting a compelling media pitch is among the most crucial tasks you can perform for your clients and your professional career.

The following steps can aid you in your success and assist you in creating excellent pitches that your clients will appreciate. If you find it difficult, drop us a line to discuss the best way to develop an outstanding media-friendly pitch for your business.

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